Office Reopening

Good news,

We are preparing to have a soft opening on Friday June 19. This will allow the staff to practice implementing the augmented infection control procedures. These procedures take additional time, so our patient schedule will need to change.

We will not be able to see as many patients per day so we need you to confirm your visit, otherwise we will put someone else in this time spot. Also, to keep our patients socially distant, we will have specific arrival times for each patient. We ask you to follow these arrival times.

Prior to your visit, we will call to update your schedule visit time. Also, you will be asked to respond to our text message request for updates on your medical history and insurance information. This new system allows your information to be directly imported to your chart. Finally, we will send you a secure email from [email protected] to get a secure portal set-up with our front desk staff. We will no longer ask for credit card information on your way out of the office. This email will be opened after you create a password. Password requirements 6-64 charters, repeated charter limit ( <2 ). The office staff has tested this process and it is not burdensome, please give it a try. By having all this information completed prior to your visit, your time in the office will be shortened.

Finally, within 24 hours of your visit, we will contact you to confirm your good health. We will ask you if you have a fever, cough, change in taste of foods, or contact with a COVID patient(over the last 14 days). If any of these answers are positive, then we will re-appoint your visit for at least 2 weeks.

Upon arrival to our parking lot, we will ask you to call the office to see if we are ready to bring you in. We wish for patients only, and if needed-one adult family member, can accompany the patient. For all who enter the office, we request that you have a mask on, and answer our four questions again. Additionally, we will have you wash your hands with hand sanitize and take your temperature. If these are all normal, then we will bring you into the treatment room. We request that you use our bathroom as little as possible, and no tooth brushing will be allowed in the bathrooms as well.

For your visit, changes will include improved instrumentation with minimal aerosol production and maximal aerosol capture. You will be requested to rinse with a pre-treatment antiseptic.

Upon the completion of your treatment, we will request that you leave promptly so the hygienist can adequately clean the operatory for the next patient, (30 minutes has been recommended in between each patient).

Our staff would be happy to answer all of your questions about our new infection control procedures. The cost of providing our dental services has greatly increased, so you will see an increase in our fees for new services. Ideally, we could have all communications over the phone or using our secure email system.

Thank you for being our patient. We value your trust and loyalty. We look forward to welcoming everyone back- our patients, neighbors and friends.

Tris Carta, Viva, Donna, Mariah, Kasia, Amy, Becca & Kimberly

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